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If You Need a Skip - Our Bag Is For You -

Give us a go, you'll be impressed, please tell a friend, to help us grow.

SkippyBAG - simply put, a SKIP BY BAG.

You Simply Order a SkippyBAG - Fill the SkippyBAG - Then Call us to Pickup.

SkippyBAG purchase price is $25 per bag, add $14 for postage & handling, our prices include GST

Each SkippyBAG collection price is based on $150 for the bag and the first 300kg (Excess weight charges apply). Waste facilities in Sydney charge by weight ($220 per tonne for construction debris) and not volume, hence we seek to weigh each bag and charge by weight.

Why have a large metal skips when you can enjoy the Convenience, Flexibility & Other Advantages of the SkippyBAG, advantages like access to underground carparks, onsite separation of recyclable materials. non intrusive placement of bags, placement of bags near the actual worksite - saving labour and persons health etc'. SkippyBAG is Quick, Easy and Cost Effective. With the SkippyBAG you can contribute to recycling by doing onsite separation of different wastes, using multiple bags.

SkippyBAG provides a cost effective means of removing large amounts of debris in a convenient space saving manner. SkippyBAG x 6 will commonly move more debris than a 6 cubic meter metal skip bin.

SkippyBAG recycles bags and much of the debris collected in the bags where possible, SkippyBAG has use of recycling facilities in Sydney that reprocess concrete, bricks, timber and many other materials.

SkippyBAG has a 1.25 Tonne, 1 Cubic Meter Capacity - the bag is supplied folded flat for storage or transportation, you can order as many bags as you think you need, unused bags can be returned.

SkippyBAG is a true cubic meter in size, we have the bag made 1200 high so you can even fit in the likes of doors or other slightly longer items in a standing position, with doors or other furniture items it is OK to have them pocking out of the top of the bag (max 2 meters high). (with items like doors pocking out the top of the bag you can effectively get rid of some 1.5cubic meters of debris in a single cubic meter bag - remember we calculate our charges by weight - not by volume)

SkippyBAG can be used anywhere our 1000mm wide, 1950mm high loader machine can be driven, even if it is right at the back of a given property or within the garage or next to the back door.

SkippyBAG is ideal for properties within in a complex, that has underground car parking, as we can access the garages or any other area that has 1950mm clearances to remove filled bags, anywhere our machine can be driven.

SkippyBAG can be located away from the street, minimising the possibility of others filling your skip.

SkippyBAG provides a flexible alternative to the use of Metal Skip Bins by supplying, collecting and disposing of large 1 Cubic Meter flexible bags that are rated to carry a 1.20 Tonne. The SkippyBAG is suitable to be filled with most types of materials and/or debris. We have picked up bags as heavy as 1.8 tonne.

If you need a Skip then our bag is for you, SkippyBAG is a flexible alternative as the Bag can be located away from the street or driveway, closer to a work area or anywhere of choice as long as our 1000mm wide wheeled loader can gain access to bag for future removal (see SkippyBAG instructions).

SkippyBAG is ideal for the Home Owner, Renovations, D.I.Y Handyman, Tradesman, Government Departments, Commercial/Industrial business etc' as the SkippyBAG can be kept folded in storage till needed, the SkippyBAG can be opened and filled over a prolonged period of time as no hire time limits are applicable when using a SkippyBAG, once filled, simply call 1300 754 722 and we will pick up the filled SkippyBAG within 48 hours.

SkippyBAG is ideal for Emergency workers or tradesman, as the SkippyBAG can be kept folded in a tool box or vehicle, when the need arises, sometimes unexpectedly, to get rid of large volumes of debris the SkippyBAG can be opened and filled, once filled, simply call 1300-SkipBAG - 1300 754 722 and we will pick up the filled SkippyBAG within 48 hours.

SkippyBAG is ideal for disposing of waste after a party or event, the bag can be placed out of the way, simply throw all the rubbish in a SkippyBAG and call to have the bag collected.

SkippyBAG continues development, if you have an industry that has special needs we are happy to hear from you and will seek to adapt our product, where possible, to your given needs, we see ourselves as a support to Australian Industry.

Thinking of de-cluttering your home, garage or storage areas then SkippyBAG may prove to give you the most efficient means of removal. No time wasted driving to the tip, the cost of fuel, hourly labour together with charges at the tip make using a skip bag a prudent alternative. Considering tip fees in Sydney are currently around $220 a tonne for mixed waste.

Most of your bathroom renovation debris will fit in a single SkippyBAG

The average car weighs about 1.3 tonne, a SkippyBAG can take over a tonne  - Our biggest challenge is to get people to understand that the SkippyBAG is virtually as tough as a metal bin and that a 1 cubic meter bag has a huge load capacity.

SkippyBAG has also developed the SkipRACK to provide support when filling a SkippyBAG, SkipRACK can be hired depending on availability- simply Call 1300 SkipBAG - 1300 754 722 - 9528 2673

To view a short video of a full bag being removed with our machine. Video 4.4MB

To view our current brochure PDF click here needs Acrobat Reader

Do you think you need a big skip bin? - SkippyBAG provides absolute convenience in waste and rubbish removal, you simply take as many bags as you estimate will be needed, + an extra bag for good measure, you fill as many bags as you need and return the unused bags to us at no cost. This will ensure that you have enough capacity for all your needs, you use & pay for only as much as you need, this means you are not ordering a 6 meter bin when you actually will fill only 2/3 of the bin and/or you are not caught overloading a bin only to have the load partially left behind by the skip truck driver as loading over the rim of bin is generally not permitted. 

I have long items & your bag has only 1 cubic meter capacity? Any lengths up to a maximum of two meters in length can be stood up within the SkippyBAG as we do not mind if part of the load is pocking out of the top of the bag, (free extra capacity), this means that household doors and frames will readily fit in a SkippyBAG.

I have some bonded Asbestos, will the whole load be charged at higher rates? SkippyBAG provides the ideal solution, fill a dedicated SkippyBAG with the bonded asbestos, effectively separating all other non contaminated materials into other bags, you are then only charged the higher rate for Asbestos removal for the single bag and not the entire load, the individual bag will need to be picked up and transported individually. Regulations need asbestos to bagged and sealed in 200 micron of plastic, we have special bags that are smaller than the SkippyBAG for the disposal of asbestos, these additional bags need to be ordered and attract additional charges.

Will the SkippyBAG tear if I put sharp items or steel bars or broken tiles in it? SkippyBAG is tough, a few tears do not weaken the bag as the fabric is interwoven and very strong, the bag itself is rated to 1250Kg SWL.

What Happens if I've overloaded the SkippyBAG? Our machine has limited lifting capacity however we come well equipped to deal with many problems that may arise, surcharges may apply but we will make sure the bag is gone as long as our machine has adequate access to the bags location. It is a lot easier to deal with 1 cubic meter that is overloaded than it would be to deal with an overloaded 6 cubic meter bin.

Do you service underground carparks of residential complexes? SkippyBAG was developed with the needs of those many Sydney residents that live in common properties in mind, our machine fits into underground carparks and garages, anywhere that the machine can be driven and that has 1950mm clearances.

SkippyBAG and Ausinspect are owned by Stephen Koelewyn, we provide additional services, we own an Avant635 Articulated Wheeled Loader (similar to a Bobcat but it Steers rather than skids) that has multiple capabilities, our machine is very efficient for excavation, lifting, material handling (bucket is 480litres), telescopic boom with pallet fork, grapple bucket for demolition and/or placing of rock, stump grinder, hydraulic breaker for breaking of concrete and/or rock, rock cutter -twin header-road header - rock grinder for cutting rock and/or concrete minimal vibration, auger for drilling post holes or foundations and we also have a 10.5 ton tipper. All these are ready for hire with operator.

In addition, we carry some of the most advanced Pest Control equipment and we are able to provide full pest control services, we carry out termite control, we differ, as we have the ability to seek possible termite nest locations with our thermal imaging and we can alter the environment with our range of equipment, for example we are able to replace timber retaining walls with masonry products etc'.

Prior to carrying out termite treatments we seek to alter the environment of the sub-floor as it is no use applying chemicals that cost a small fortune over brick and/or other debris, chemicals are most effective when they bond to soil particles in a continuous manner, applying chemicals over debris leaves patches that are not adequately treated, we also scarify soils to maximise the absorption of the chemicals.

Our building expertise developed through more than thirty years of hands on building experience gives us the skills to perform a wide range of building tasks, this together with our equipment gives us the opportunity to stay at the top of our game.

We also provide Building Inspection and Consultancy services as AUSINSPECT, Steve has been carrying out pre-purchase building & pest inspections in Sydney since 1992 - Stephen Koelewyn has been in the building industry since 1977.

SkippyBAG is based in COMO, Como is a southern suburb of Sydney.

                                WSN Environmental Solutions Facilities

                                Department of Environment & Climate Change/Environment Protection Agency NSW

                                Workcover NSW

                                Roads & Traffic Authority NSW

                                Sutherland Shire Council  Hurstville Council  Kogarah Council  Rockdale Council

                                NSW Office of Fair Trading

                      Contact Information

                                SkippyBAG Office number is 1300-SkipBAG or call Steve direct on 0418 274 099.

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